dwayne-johnson-adrienne-bankert bn

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I am asked is about what celebrities are like in real life. For all of the social media that famous people participate in, reputation by word-of-mouth will always be a part of how much impact and how well liked a person is. Dwayne Johnson is everything you would expect, larger than life and very generous and kind. The photo above is from our time in Hong Kong. Behind us, a group of people dining on dim sum and just elated to be there.

In between interviews I always talk to the guests. It seems really weird and inhumane to only ask about the movie or only make what seems like friendly banter when the cameras were rolling. On a few occasions now Dwayne and I would talk about vision boards ( he is a huge fan) and one thing that I had a goal to do – finish my first book. He was really supportive.