journalist & connector

Yes, I am a broadcaster. I also believe we are broadcasting all the time, in the way we act and speak. Our careers should improve us as individuals and our communication as well as our ability to connect.

author & authenticity

My books are ultimately about being real. People can tell when you are authentic. More importantly we know when we are being ourselves. In these pages we answer the question, “what makes you so special.”

coach & consultant

The most resilient people are those secure in their identity. The greatest brands in the world know who they are even when the world stops. Consider me a tour guide to identity, value and vision.

“As a storyteller, I take the term ‘people business’ to heart.”

~ Adrienne Bankert

Adventure. Fulfillment.

The Sweet Spot.

Great adventures with some of the most fascinating people in the world have led to some wonderful stories. However, I have found the best part, those sweet spots, are the moments of the “back story.”

There are countless conversations that lead us all to aha moments that  lead to helping or encouraging others. I share some of my favorites in my book on kindness, “Your Hidden Superpower.” I also share parts of my journey whether as a keynote or speaking as a panelist or featured speaker in front of companies and organizations that believe in the power of empathy, connection, and diversity. The best business culture relies on this.

While I speak often to female audiences, I find that there are a lot of men who desire to become experts at kindness and have read my book too! It’s exhilarating to see this amazing co-ed community of kindness champions.  We all have a job to do, but we desire to help those who perhaps don’t know how they are going to make it and someone cared enough to notice. Those are the real episodes.

Just as technology advances, we can advance in our ability to connect. We tap into one-in-a-million opportunities by being kind.

Watch this conversation with Lady Gaga and the cast of “A Star is Born” here >>>

“Company culture through kindness is innovative. In an era of people first culture, there is a need for holistic business practices and kindness as on-boarding. Whether as a keynote speaker, journalist or mentor my message is the same: the best company culture is kind.” ~Adrienne Bankert

“‘Your Hidden Superpower’ is EXACTLY the book we need right now, about how you can rise up and shine in all areas of work, leadership and life by being kind, and what that means. I have it on audio and it’s like a warm hug and pep talk all at once. So many aha moments and takeaways …  it came at a time where I’m figuring out what means the most to me in work and life.”

“Great work! More importantly, meaningful work! My biggest takeaway is that I need to stop being distracted going about life and look for more small opportunities to connect. It doesn’t take much, like you said. I am typically so focused on kindness to the people I already know vs. total strangers.”

“I have gotten so much from the group (and you especially Adrienne)!  Way more than I anticipated when I signed up.  You created an environment where we can really be our authentic selves and feel totally comfortable opening up and sharing.  And we are doing it virtually no less!!

THANK YOU for everything you are doing for us.”

“Your leadership provides us with a safe space, and challenges us to grow in ways we might have thought we could, but maybe didn’t have the perspective or confidence or support to see actually happening. The topics have all spoken to me in different ways, either illuminating where I could be changing my own behaviors to improve my happiness and feelings of empowerment, or to show how I could help OTHERS based on my experiences.”

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